What Happens in Therapy

We will meet together to focus on areas of concern for you. It might be the way you’ve been feeling, some depression, anxiety, or confusion in your life. You may be going through life transitions, relationships changing, a divorce, separation, or the sense that you haven’t been living life the way you wish you could.

If you are a trauma survivor, you might be experiencing confusing emotions or body states that don’t make sense, and need help dealing with those. If you are questioning your sexual orientation, gender identity, or have other concerns related to being LGBTQ, you may want someone you can talk with who will greet you with openness and acceptance, who will help you find your own truth.

When we meet, you will be able to tell me your concerns, and I will help you understand your own feelings, thoughts, and beliefs, to help you reach a more settled sense of who you are. I can help you become more aware of your unconscious motivators, and guide you to find your best way to include these in your conscious everyday life.

With my training in psychodynamic therapy, Sensorimotor psychotherapy, hypnosis, imagery, among other ways of working, I can help you find the best path to a happier, more integrated and content way of being.